Services & Costs for Services

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions
    • Free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs and goals and to determine if we are a good therapeutic fit.
    • $150, Full therapeutic hour, 50-55 minutes
    • $225, 90 minute session, 80-85 minutes
  • Use this link to schedule a consultation with me directly through Headway:
  • Sound healing – using crystal or Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, Koshi chimes and other sound instruments.
    • All sessions will include the burning of sage or palo santo, natural candles and natural incense unless discussed otherwise. This is for the purpose of smudging or clearing energy. ***I am happy to exclude these practices if you have allergies or sensitivities. I only use clean burning soy candles with natural ingredients.
    • 60 minute Individual Session – sound healing will be customized to the needs and presenting issues of a specific individual. $100-$200, cost will vary depending on the location of the session. The cost will be higher if I am traveling to you. I can offer individual sessions in my space as well.
      • We will discuss your needs ahead of time so that I can prepare.
      • I will travel to you. The cost is more because of all the effort it will take to bring all the instruments to your home, cleanse and prepare the space and the time it takes to travel to someone else.
    • Small group sound baths, $30-$50 per person
      • 2 – 5 participants. I can travel to you for these or we can use my space. Cost per person will depend on the location and if I am traveling to you.
      • We will design the session to the preferences of the group or you can choose from a menu of options.
    • Mid-size group sound baths, $30-$50 per person
      • 6-10. Location would be determined at the time of scheduling.
    • Large group sound baths, $30-$40 per person
      • 11+ participants. Depending on the space, we would need to cater the experience and discuss the appropriate number of people for the sound bath.
  • Sound instruments can be incorporated into psychotherapy sessions as a tool for grounding and mindfulness as well as achieving individual therapeutic goals.
    • Sound healing alone cannot be billed to insurance. I am happy to do private pay for this if you are wanting to do sessions separately.

Cancellation policy for missed psychotherapy appointments

I charge $100 for no shows and for cancellations within 24 hours.

I hope that you will view your appointments as an investment in your well-being. At this point in my career and life span, I am interested in working with people are are highly motivated to engage in therapeutic work. I plan and prepare for each session and I set aside the time for each appointment. I’m not able to offer these scheduled times to others, so when someone forgets or misses an appointment, it affects everyone. I want to foster relationships where time and effort are valued and respected and so I have a strict cancellation policy and I require 24 hours or more notice to cancel an appt. Please plan accordingly and I will be happy to offer to reschedule as my schedule allows.

Cancellation policy for missed sound healing sessions

Sound healing involves a lot of equipment, research, time and energy and will often involve me bringing equipment, clearing the energy in the space and focusing on helping someone to heal. I want to be able to devote my energy to helping some feel better and it feels simpler to be very clear from the outset that payment is due at the time of service and let’s focus on healing!

I charge $100 for no shows for sound healing as well. I will not schedule with you again if you have not paid this balance in full prior to the next session. I require 24 hours + notice to cancel an appt. Please plan accordingly and I will be happy to offer to reschedule as my schedule allows.